Mobile Purification Plant

As the price of new transformer oil and insulating liquids increases, restoring the characteristics of existing, in-service, oil will provide both financial, productivity and environmental returns.

Eden has been using vacuum dehydration-filtration plant to treat transformer oil and insulating liquids on-site since 1985.

The company founders realised that treating the oil whilst the transformer was energised would present a productivity gain for the customer and would be cheaper. However, they also evidenced that the result of the purification process was a much higher specification of oil than simply replacing the oil.

An additional benefit of the Eden mobile purification plant is the physical size of the equipment. The largest being 3,536mm x 1,676mm and weighing only 1,800Kg, it is easily towed behind a vehicle, manoeuvred in to a convenient position, or lifted on a crane to be close to the transformer. Our smallest plant is just 1,300mm x 600mm x 700mm to reach even the most inaccessible places such as basements and rooftops.

Mobile Purification Plant

Eden has been
treating transformer
oil on-site since 1985.

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