Sample & Inspection

On-site sample and inspection services:-

  • Draw samples in accordance to BS EN 60475:2011 for on or off site analysis.
  • Inspect desiccant breathers and replace if required.
  • Visually inspect transformer for leaks.
  • Check and top-up insulating liquid levels.

On-site transformer oil purification

Using our mobile vacuum dehydration-filtration plant we can restore the insulating liquid to specification:-

  • Mineral Oil
  • Silicone Transformer Liquid

Supply of Electrical Oils

From to 25 litre containers to whole tanker deliveries, we can provide all types of electrical oils:-

  • Unused Mineral Oil
  • Reclaimed Mineral Oil
  • Silicone Transformer Liquid

Mineral Oil to MIDEL 7131 Retrofill

Using our dedicated MIDEL equipment we can carry out MIDEL conversions in accordance to the manufacturer's specifications.

Please refer to our MIDEL 7131 page for further details.


Our PCB products and services include:-

Routine Maintenance

In our expereince we have found common repairs to include:-

Oil Analysis

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  • Mineral oil to BS EN 60422:2013
  • MIDEL 7131 insulating fluid to BS EN61203:1995
  • Silicone Insulating Liquid to BS7713:1993
  • Dielectric Strength BS EN 60156:1996

    Dielectric Strength BS EN 60156:1996

    The dielectric strength of an insulating liquid is defined as the maximum voltage that can be applied across the fluid without electrical breakdown. Because insulating liquids are designed to provide electrical insulation under high electrical loads, any significant reduction in the dielectric strength may indicate that the oil is no longer capable of performing this function.

    Root causes of the reduction in dielectric strength include polar contaminants, such as water, oil degradation by-products and cellulose paper breakdown.

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  • Water content BS EN 60814:1998

    Water content BS EN 60814:1998

    One of the most important functions of an insulating liquid is to provide electrical insulation. Any increase in the moisture content can reduce the insulating properties of the oil, which may result in dielectric breakdown. This is of particular importance with fluctuating temperatures because, as the transformer cools down, any dissolved water will become free, resulting in poor insulating power and fluid degradation.

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  • Acidity BS 2000-1:1995

    Acidity BS 2000-1:1995

    Acidity is a by product of the oxidisation of the transformer oil, left unresolved elevated levels of acidity will attack the delicate insulation papers thereby reducing the working life of the transformer.

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  • Visible contaminants
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) BS EN 60567:2005

    Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) BS EN BS EN 60567:2011

    DGA, is used to determine the concentrations of specific gases in the insulating liquid. The concentrations and relative ratios to each other is used to diagnose operational problems with the transformer, which may be associated with a change in a physical or chemical property of the insulating oil. For example, high levels of carbon monoxide relative to the other gases may indicate thermal breakdown of cellulose paper, while high hydrogen, in conjunction with methane may indicate a corona discharge within the transformer.

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  • Furans Analysis BS EN 61198:1994

    Furans Analysis BS EN 61198:1994

    Furan derivatives are a measure of the degradation of the insulation paper. When the paper ages, its degree of polymerisation reduces, so its mechanical strength decreases. The degree of polymerisation can be directly related to the concentration of furan derivatives in the oil and therefore this analysis is a non-intrusive measure of the insulation.

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  • Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Analysis to BS EN 61619:1997

    Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Analysis to BS EN 61619:1997

    Since 1986, due to their adverse effect on the environment and danger to health PCBs were banned in the UK as part of an EC initiative. Oil containing PCBs should be professionally handled and destroyed, contact us about our PCB services for specific advice.

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